Immigration Rule Change Favorable for Entrepreneurs and Skilled Workers

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New Zealand has made some changes in their immigration policy that involve the point system that is a part of the immigration process in New Zealand. New Zealand Visa Expert is an immigration service that helps foreign nationals who want to move to New Zealand to live and work.

One change is that entrepreneurs and skilled immigrants will get additional points if they agree to live within the region area.

Also, the bonus points for entrepreneurs will double to 40 points (up from 20), and skilled migrants who set up a business or take a job outside of Auckland will see an increase from 10 to 30 points.

Currently, skilled migrants who receive at least 140 points will get residency automatically.


This new policy change also doubles the points – from 20 to 40 points – for entrepreneurs who set up a business under the Entrepreneur Work Visa.

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The New Zealand government is also planning to hone in on testing of the labour market to allow more employers to hire more skilled immigrants.

The policy change was announced by Prime Minister John Key at the National Party’s annual conference held in Auckland, New Zealand. At the conference, Mr. Key reported that many of the mayors of the countries related to him that the needed workers were not coming to their areas.

While there is no way to know how this will affect the influx of migrants, it is hoped that more people can take advantage of the open positions in the region areas with this new policy change.

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