Is It Easy to Start a Business in New Zealand?

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Many people who immigrate to New Zealand want to open their own business there and wonder whether it is easy to do. One of the first challenges is applying for a visa to New Zealand and being approved for New Zealand immigration.

This is why New Zealand Visa Expert collaborates with a licensed Immigration Advisor to help make the New Zealand immigration process as easy as possible.

After an immigrant is issued the appropriate visa to New Zealand and is able to move to New Zealand and get settled there, the next hurdle is to take the steps necessary to legally launch a business. The good news is that it is easy to start a business in New Zealand – easier than in any other country on Earth!

According to the World Bank’s 2017 Doing Business report released in October 2016, New Zealand is the easiest place on the planet to start a business. The World Bank evaluated to what extent the regulations in the 190 countries it examined help or hinder the establishment, operation or expansion of companies in the private sector.

Great job opportunities in New Zealand

This evaluation was based on 11 major factors:

starting a business, obtaining construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, acquiring credit, protection of minority investors, enforcing contracts, paying taxes, conducting trade across borders, regulation of the labor market, and dealing with insolvency. New Zealand was ranked by the World Bank as the #1 easiest country to do business in.

To better understand how easy it is to start a business in New Zealand, it only takes about half a day to go through the one-step process in New Zealand, while around the globe the procedure takes an average of 21 days.

Thus, it is not surprising that many people who want to move to New Zealand for career opportunities contact New Zealand Visa Expert to learn more about the immigration process.

If your dream is to immigrate to New Zealand so you can obtain New Zealand employment, the New Zealand Visa Expert team of professionals can help. New Zealand Visa Expert works with an Immigration Advisor who can assess, advise and assist you regarding New Zealand immigration.

The job search firm that New Zealand Visa Expert collaborates with can help you seek New Zealand employment. Once you immigrate to New Zealand and meet the criteria to legally start a business in New Zealand, the entrepreneurial procedure is relatively easy.


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