About the Temporary Work Visa

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Many people only dream of visiting the beautiful country of New Zealand. There are some individuals, however, who are offered a temporary job in New Zealand. NewZealandVisaExpert and its team of experienced professionals helps many of these workers move and work in this beautiful country for a specific amount of time.

A temporary work visa authorizes a foreign worker who has specific skills to work in New Zealand for as long as the job requires (up to a certain time limit). All requirements for eligibility must be met. If you have a family, and you qualify to move to New Zealand with a temporary work visa, your family members will likely be able to join you to live during your time in the country of New Zealand. NewZealandVisaExpert is available to help you during this process to make sure you and your family qualify to work and live here (if you meet the criteria).

Here at NewZealandVisaExpert, we work with a licensed immigration adviser who evaluates our clients and lets them know the best visa for their situation. If someone has been offered a job in New Zealand by an employer who is accredited, that is one qualification that has been met. Or, perhaps you have an occupation that is in high demand in New Zealand. That also is a qualification that can help you begin work in the country.

NewZealandVisaExpert understands the difficulty of moving to a new country, and that is why they work hard to help skilled foreign nationals move to New Zealand on a temporary (as well as long-term) basis to live and work. Other requirements for moving to this country include an evaluation of your age (18-55 years), health (a medical exam may be required), character (a police certificate may be required), English language abilities (a test may be required), and more.

Some people who move to New Zealand through the temporary work visa are then offered a long-term job with their employer. If this happens, you may be able to apply for a resident visa in New Zealand if you meet the qualifications. As you make these decisions, NewZealandVisaExpert will help you understand each step of the process

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